Shameless U Mobile got served

When it comes to desperation, U Mobile is leading the way in showing us how to do it. Being 4th in the hierarchy is nearly not enough for U Mobile’s shareholders. Insider info told us that their shareholders from across the causeway had given the management until third quarter of 2017 to break into the Big 3.

DiGi, Maxis and Celcom have remained on the podium for so long, U Mobile is desperate to get a crack at it.

Not surprisingly, given the fact that their Marketing team consists of non-Malaysians, they could not understand the culture within this industry. Maybe Malaysians are not ready for it. Embarrassingly, U Mobile had to take down their season’s greetings video and fire their content developer.

Lesson learned? No way. U Mobile will make 2017 an exciting year to watch. Desperation will make people do crazy things.


U Mobile’s Christmas ‘Gifts’ For Maxis, Celcom, Digi Backfires

It’s not really our culture to poke fun and take jibes at each other – regardless the intention.

Yet, in this season of giving, Malaysia’s fourth-placed mobile network, U Mobile, has gone beyond those boundaries to prove that they are better than other telco giants.

Playing the Christmas carol card to send over some joy to their competitors, the fastest-growing mobile operator put out a series of videos with a quartet in orange pinstripe suits singing merry yuletides.

Their cheeky ‘FIRST’ “gift” came in the tune of ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ to Celcom, of course.

“You may have a territory, an old school territory, Unlike U Mobile your rules make us cry, your love is hard to find,” was part of its altered lyrics mocking Celcom’s poor coverage.

And as if the first wasn’t surprising enough, they went on to send “a fun and cheerful carol” to Digi, singing ‘Deck the Halls’.

“U Mobile’s here and their jolly…video data war they have won, Don’t you see it’s time to move on,” the quartet sang in highlight of its unlimited 24-hour video streaming with no data charges via Video-Onz.

Last but not least, Maxis ended up in their little jingle, perhaps ringing a bell at the loopholes in subscribers’ expensive bills as well as data plans.

“Anger your subscribers till they run to U Mobile…with plans and services that wow the winner’s pretty clear.”

Well of course, in less than five years U Mobile has managed to gain over four million subscribers through its market-leading product innovation and value proposition, but why the low blow to their rivals?

While all three videos posted yesterday received over 20,000 views and hundreds of shares, many thought it was inappropriate in this festive time, with some even expressing their anger and highlighting U Mobile’s weaknesses against the competitors they dissed.



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