Possible Big Retrenchment in Celcom?!

Just heard this latest news from Celcom which happened about a month ago.

Thought things would have been calmer in Celcom, however we were informed today about another shocker, that they are planning to do a little bit of downsizing, where dozens of upper management staff will be laid off soon!

Somebody did a checking and it’s true, they have checked in Jobstreet several positions have already been advertised, some with the incumbent still working in the current position!

For example, the position of Chief Corporate Officer…



Sedih tak?

The current Chief Corporate Officer is a lady known as Zuraidah. She also didn’t know her position was being advertised in Jobstreet. What a cheeky way to push people out, Celcom.

Must be some German culture being imported into this GLC.

She is not the only victim… it is confirmed that approximately 30 senior positions have also been posted. Why is this happening? Celcom is trapped in a sinkhole ever since they appointed the German as its CEO. It is incumbent upon the board and the Chairman to take the blame.

It is learned that the staff are not happy, especially after they had their last town hall meeting in December.

Rumours has it that Salleh Keruak was also not happy and shocked after the decision to retrench about 30+ senior staff was made known to him. The job postings in Jobstreet were immediately removed. People have said before that the appointment of Kuehner will not be good for Celcom and the introduction of his M7 gang into the foray will only spell disaster.

So what’s next?
Stay tune!

3 thoughts on “Possible Big Retrenchment in Celcom?!

  1. Oh boy.. I know Zuraidah. She was pissed. Celcom really doesn’t know how to jaga air muka staff. Is this the way to treat people? So any gila kuasa up there.


  2. Untunglah Celcom boleh buat suka hati macam tu. Kalau dulu-dulu Celcom boleh kena saman dalam court industri. Yang staff 30 orang tu boleh la buat resume cepat cepat. Pergi ke Digi.


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