The Disastrous Duo – Michael Kuehner and David Morrow

Hello Malaysia.. apa khabar?!

It’s been a while and the nation’s election fever is definitely heating up as the clock ticks away. PM Najib looks fit and energized as he knows that the time is getting nearer. He has been making his rounds around the country and it amazes us that he can sustain such a pace, putting men half his age to shame.

PM Najib has also been calling upon several GLCs as part of his “campaign” trail and he recently visited Axiata, one of the many GLCs under the Khazanah umbrella. Axiata hosted the PM at the Axiata Arena stadium at Bukit Jalil where around 1000 employees were specially selected to meet the PM. While almost 80% of the 1000 employees were from Celcom, they also had people from the HQ as well as business partners making up the other 20%. Not only that, Axiata anyway is the regional champion kan, so all these were also streamed live to all their other companies around the region.. pandai dan terrerlah Axiata!!! Syabas!!

PM Najib was punctual and the show started on time.. PM as usual was in his element, talking about the nation and the positive direction it was taking. Guruh gemuruh tepukan and sorakan dari employee Axiata when PM touched on all the positive progress the country is making. In his speech, delivered in such a casual style, PM Najib also touched on how the country should be building local talents to drive the nation forward through companies like Axiata hmmm… but strangely, in that hall, the number of mat sallehs or foreigners representing Axiata management seem to be so ramai… so apa dah jadi nie Axiata oi Axiata???? Not aligned to the country’s vision?? Whats going on man?

Dengar khabar la pulak, the  2 top senior management of Celcom Axiata, bengong punya Michael Kuehner – CEO, and David Morrow – Chief Digital officer,  both Germans made decided not to turn up, despite knowing that it is PM Najib who is visting them!! Kurang ajar betul mat salleh dua ni. German dua ekor ini memang suka cari pasal… but sadly TS Jamal nie ignorant betul. Entah ego TS Jamal katanya lebih besar dari Raja dan Negara.

When we korek and korek, rupa rupa nya both decided to leave early for a conference in Barcelona… amboi! And when we korek even more, the conference in Barcelona only starts on 26 th of Feb, while PM Najib visited Axiata on 23rd Feb… so soalan nya is kenapa dua dua ekor ini have to go so early over the weekend to Barcelona.. nak joli kut?? Tapi boss dia orang TS Jamal tu pun takkan tak tau. Bukan this 2 germans tak maklum kat TS Jamal tu. What was so important that they couldn’t give face to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Jamal, who were both hosting the PM, and most importantly PM Najib!! TS Jamal nie pun tak faham kenapa asyik HIRE bantuan dari luar when we definitely have the talent locally. Tebal kut muka TS Jamal nie.

Do we really need mat sallehs like this in the GLC? Mereka nie don’t understand the culture of respect, they don’t understand the culture of hosting an important guest, the culture of being there for your employees , the culture of leading by example… why do we need these kind of people in the GLCs???? Tak faham la mereka nie. Dahla they get paid millions of ringgit to talk and talk, yet they bite the hand that feeds them!! Poyo la. Tapi the best part is Yet Khazanah and Axiata still humours Mat sallehs like this! What do you guys think!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Axiata to fund future operations with more debts

Is this a smart move?

Malaysia’s Axiata unit to rely more on debt to fund growth

  • edotco could raise gross debt to 3.5% of ebidta from below 2.5% now, CEO says

KUALA LUMPUR (Nikkei Markets) — edotco Group, the telecommunication infrastructure unit of Malaysia’s Axiata Group, may rely more on debt to fund future expansion and finance acquisitions instead of raising fresh capital, its chief executive said Monday.

The most likely approach would be raising funds through syndicated loans and project financing, Suresh Sidhu told Nikkei Markets. The company could raise gross debt as a percentage of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization to 3.5 times from the current level which hovers below 2.5 times, he said.

“The plan is now to look at debt more holistically and increase our leverage closer to tower company benchmark,” Sidhu said. “Of course, we still have to work within Axiata’s debt covenant and profile.”

Axiata had initially considered an initial public offering of edotco by 2018 to unlock the value of its tower and infrastructure assets. edotco currently owns and manages more than 25,000 telecommunications towers across Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

edotco has been expanding its footprint through acquisitions since 2015. It recently announced purchase of 13,000 towers in Pakistan in a deal worth $940 million. On its part, edotco plans to fund the deal via $600 million debt and pump in $174 million as equity.

There is still unutilised cash from the company’s previous round of fund raising exercises, which is sufficient for small- to medium-sized acquisitions, Sidhu said. edotco has sufficient capital to tide over the next 24 months but may have to review its options if any larger acquisition comes along, he added.

The company remains open to prospects of more acquisitions and seeks to expand further, mostly in emerging and frontier Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, Sidhu said. “We’re patient, (the) deal has to be right (and) customers have to be right.”

Edotco, which was founded in 2012, has secured three new shareholders through a $700 million maiden equity private placement. Axiata remains the largest shareholder in edotco Group with a 62.4% stake following the entry of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Retirement Fund Inc and Malaysia’s state investment arm Khazanah Nasional. Axiata had said earlier that it wishes to retain a controlling stake in edotco Group.

Shares of Axiata ended 0.8% lower at 5.05 ringgit apiece, while the benchmark FTSE Bursa KLCI closed 0.2% down.

Hacking in Celcom – customers’ information in danger

Hello semua! To all muslim brothers and sisters, selamat berpuasa!

It’s been a while since we wrote in this blog. A lot of things have happened at our favorite Telco during that time and we thought we keep all our loyal followers informed of the developments. Which favorite Telco?? Celcom lah!!

Ada banyak updates yang kita dapat setakat ni, but this week we shall only talk about one first. Below is one of the updates we got from the people who are working there..

Apparently ever since Celcom Chairman, TS Jamaluddin appointed his favorite retired German, Michael Kuehner to replace DS Shazali as the CEO of Celcom, things have just gotten worse day by day. As all agreed, the current CEO of Celcom is a very egoistic and pretentious human being, and is slowly running down the company to the ground. “Keep it simple”, transparency etc. are his buzz words. But that’s all they are. Buzz words!! A man lacking in sincerity to his employees is now taking the next steps – cheat and lie to the Celcom’s customers.

You must be wondering what we are talking about.. right? Well sebenarnya, about a month or so ago, Celcom’s customer database became a victim of a cyber attack. The entire database was hacked by multiple parties and millions of customer data was stolen!! Name, address, IC number, credit card number and many other information are now in the hands of someone who can use it to steal anything they want using these information. Gila kan?

Chairman Celcom Tan Sri Jamaluddin

But what does Kuehner and Tan Sri Jamaluddin do when this was discovered? They lied and hid the truth from the millions of Celcom subscribers… who are now in jeopardy. This was a conscious decision by both of them in the hope that no one discovers the truth!! What kind of leaders are these guys??? They all willing to put millions of their subscribers at risk just to protect their asses.

The responsible thing to do would have been to inform the subscribers immediately so that the people can take preventive actions to protect themselves. Where is the transparency that both these 2 guys talk about to their employees? Kalau tak boleh jadi honest, macamana employees nak look up to them? Is this the mat salleh philosophy where they think Malaysians are stupid? Why does Jamaluddin surround himself with these useless mat sallehs, pay them millions, so that they can just carry his bag and whisper everyday that he is a great man? Is his ego so big that he is even willing to ignore the security and safety of his customers?? Why is Khazanah who has responsibility to the Malaysian people allowing this happen? Shocking!!

With these behaviors, no wonder Azri Yahaya, the womanizing CIO, is still walking around proudly. Birds of a kind will always flock together.

Major shake up is imminent in Telekom Malaysia?

Received from the comment section a few days ago:

There will be a potential big movement in the telecoms market for the next few weeks. Major shake up is imminent. Telekom CEO is nearing the end of his contract and the jostling among the wannabes is getting frantic. The government is keen on bringing DS Shazalli to head TM, but there are a few smart alecks who are close friends to the Minister trying to outmaneuver and hijack the appointment. There are also people who are trying to position themselves to fill the many potential top management vacancies in TM when their own position are shaky and untenable. All are waiting for the right moment.

  1. One such fella is Razali Ismail from Celcom. He served as employee since 2007 and was the Head of Fraud & Facilities Service. In Celcom he is known as DS Shazalli’s pet, and known to be doing all the wrong things under the guise of having the protection by the latter.

  2. Also well known to be shouting at his staff and generally everyone else who tries to deter his ‘movement’, ie. trying to stop him from pursuing his pet projects. He also made a lot of fortune from the current Menara Celcom which is being constructed in PJ as we speak. So much so, there are a lot of design need to be ‘adjusted’ by the current management.

  3. He was investigated since last October 2016 for his wrong conduct. Axiata auditors even made a reference for his ‘tingkah laku’.

  4. He sought amnesty and pity from DS Shazalli for his wrong doings. Worse is, he has been spreading rumours that he is being protected by Shazalli on so many occasions, even to the point of commenting on the latter’s personal matters.

  5. It is sad that Shazalli had wrongly put his trust on this person.  Subsequently, even the new management of Celcom had terminated him due to his recent misconduct.

  6. As the result, Razali Ismail is now spreading rumours that he will be joining TM just because DS Shazalli has been nominated to the post of its CEO.

  7. Razali is known for his antics, on the outside he looks like a shy person but in reality he is A BULLY.

  8. Dear DS Shazalli, please don’t take or choose this type of candidate who can spoil your own reputation. There are many ‘Razalis’ out there gunning for your ‘dirty linen’ but choosing this Razali to be in your new turf will not going to help you in any bit.

  9. This Razali should have been reprimanded long time ago since his power trip days. It is hoped that DS Shazalli can see his true colours otherwise he will be sleeping with the devil.


Is this true about TM CEO will not be extended and Shazalli will be installed as the next TM head? Judging from his performance in Celcom for the past two decades, this could be a master stroke in terms of alleviating TM to the next level. As for this Razali Ismail person, well rotten apples should just stay rotten and tucked away for good.

Looks decent but looks might be deceiving

Possible Big Retrenchment in Celcom?!

Just heard this latest news from Celcom which happened about a month ago.

Thought things would have been calmer in Celcom, however we were informed today about another shocker, that they are planning to do a little bit of downsizing, where dozens of upper management staff will be laid off soon!

Somebody did a checking and it’s true, they have checked in Jobstreet several positions have already been advertised, some with the incumbent still working in the current position!

For example, the position of Chief Corporate Officer…



Sedih tak?

The current Chief Corporate Officer is a lady known as Zuraidah. She also didn’t know her position was being advertised in Jobstreet. What a cheeky way to push people out, Celcom.

Must be some German culture being imported into this GLC.

She is not the only victim… it is confirmed that approximately 30 senior positions have also been posted. Why is this happening? Celcom is trapped in a sinkhole ever since they appointed the German as its CEO. It is incumbent upon the board and the Chairman to take the blame.

It is learned that the staff are not happy, especially after they had their last town hall meeting in December.

Rumours has it that Salleh Keruak was also not happy and shocked after the decision to retrench about 30+ senior staff was made known to him. The job postings in Jobstreet were immediately removed. People have said before that the appointment of Kuehner will not be good for Celcom and the introduction of his M7 gang into the foray will only spell disaster.

So what’s next?
Stay tune!

Celcom, Maxis, Digi, etc cheating state governments?

Perak and Penang to dismantle thousands of telco towers

IPOH: The Perak government is to dismantle all illegally erected telecommunications towers and those for which the annual permits have not been paid.

Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir said today there were more than 2,800 such towers belonging to various telcos in the state.

“So far, we have only 1,400 legal telecommunications towers; the number of illegal towers is more than double that,” he told reporters after opening a telco infrastructure development workshop and seminar here.

Zambry said the reluctance of the telcos to pay the annual RM2,000 permit for every tower cost the state government RM20 million in revenue.

“All the states are imposing the same rule on permits but in Perak the telcos have cited all kinds of reasons, including operational costs, to refrain from paying up,” he said.

GEORGE TOWN: Penang has taken down “dozens” of illegal telco towers. State Local Government Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said this when commenting on a report that Perak had demolished 300 illegal towers.

Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir had said there were more than 2,800 illegally built towers belonging to various telcos in the state. He said each tower must pay permit fees of RM2,000 a year, meaning the state was losing RM20 million in revenue every year.

Chow said out of the 930 telco towers in Penang, 137 had been found to be illegally built.

He said the owners of the illegal towers had been served 30-day notices, ordering them to dismantle their towers.

Chow said several dozen towers were removed upon requests by non-governmental organisations and residents.

“Before 2008, most telco structures in the state were illegal. They were not paying any sort of fees.

“When we took over the government, we conducted a legalisation exercise to ensure all were legal.

“The errant telco providers or owners of towers were dealt with swiftly. We have taken down dozens of telco towers for building illegal structures. Some owners have not paid up. They are operating against state guidelines for telco towers, which came into effect on Nov 20, 2009,” he told FMT.

What can we assume here? Telco companies in Malaysia are just snakes who would suck up their consumers dry and at the same time circumvent state laws by not paying their dues.

How many times have they disconnected your mobile line when you are late one day in paying your bills? Well, some of these telcos are several years late in paying their own bills!

Profiteering from your poor customers is one thing, but profiteering and cheating state governments is another whole new level.